"There are a lot of business coaches out there, Peter Ryan is something out of the box, he has some brilliant ideas, simple steps to guide me, he has turned my business around, using his advice I scored a major contract, I would recommend him to any small to medium business"Thank You
Vincenzo Scaturro, JVC Pty LTD

Peter Ryan has been known to us for over 20 years in a business advisory capacity. He has always been able to give us a clear indication of the marketplace, gained from his contacts with a wide variety of small to medium business owners.

Peter has provided us with valuable insights into sales and marketing promotion, assisting us greatly in the running of our own business.
Julie & Stewart Whitelaw
Power Coaching College (Sydney) Pty. Ltd

Pete, thank you for all the support and assistance. You input has already increased my sales to such an extend that I would need a bigger factory soon. I would like to thank you for all the valuable insight and teaching me not to reinvent the wheel. All the hard work has already been done by you.
Cheers, Willem Exotic Thach Pty Ltd

Peter knows marketing and advertising, while he is direct and to the point I have seen businesses turned around through his coaching and advertising knowledge.

Other business colleagues have experienced first hand Peter's 'magic' that has inspired staff from all areas of their operations increase productivity through his inspiration and effectiveness.

A great coach to have on your side for outstanding results!
Yours faithfully, John W. Temple, Director & General Manager, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Region

Peter as sharp as a tack, Enthusiastic as Hell and worth listening to, because he is going to help you reach to your small business vision, his step by step program is easy and is a must have in your marketing arsenal, it has really turned my business around.
Craig S., Free Spirit Tours Qld