Meet Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan, nicknamed Mr. Results by his clients, has been a leading voice in marketing and sales for more than 40 years. His global sales management experience can help your business grow faster and achieve the exceptional results you expect and deserve.

Peter's 35 years of experience include extensive work in radio, T.V., newspapers and magazines. He has extensive knowledge in the online media space and is a highly sought after expert when it comes to getting results through advertising and social media.

Peter is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP. He specializes in helping companies and individuals build instant rapport while improving communications with your customers, staff and suppliers.

Peter has a passion for helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and sales teams reach their maximum potential, increase their revenue and profit and spend more time with the people that matter most.

Peter's experience is vast having worked with such world-class organizations as AMP, Pyrox, The Admedia Group, Modern Magazines, Murray Publishers, Speedmail and the Yellow Pages. He also runs his own media representation company. His awards and accolades over the years are too numerous to count.

An avid researcher, Peter maintains a constant focus on current industry and market trends… then guides his clients on how best to work on their business versus in it. Since business and markets are constantly changing, Peter anticipates these changes and helps his clients to implement the strategies and tactics that keep them light years ahead of their competitors.

Peter's approach to working with businesses is straight forward and direct. He understands that business owners need one thing… RESULTS!

Unlike most professional business coaches today, Peter works with his clients on a month-to-month basis so they can maximize their cash flow while lowering their costs. And best of all, he guarantees results.

If you're serious about growing your business and you're looking for an honest, forward-thinking, competent and inspiring success partner, then this is the opportunity you've been seeking.

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